Basic car insurance costs about 19% more in Arlington, Texas, than it does in the rest of the country. So, it’s wise to look at different insurance companies’ prices and find the cheapest ones in the city. Finding the best car insurance rates in Arlington has become essential for people as the number of cars on the road grows. This blog post will talk about the things that affect car insurance rates, how to get the best deals, and the best Arlington insurance companies that offer cheap coverage.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Arlington, Texas

Car Insurance CompanyOverall RatingMinimum-Coverage RateFull-Coverage Rate

How Much Is Car Insurance in Arlington, Texas?

Based on the information we have, the most basic car insurance in Arlington costs $62 a month or $745 a year. The average in the US is $52 a month, or $627 a year. This is about 19% more than that. On average, full health insurance costs $190 a month, or $2,280 a year. This is 14% more than the national average of $167 a month, or $2,008 a year.

The least expensive liability car insurance in Arlington, Texas, is from Allstate. Rates are $56 a month or $670 a year on average. Nationwide has rates that are the second lowest in Arlington. Rates are an average of $69 per month or $830 per year.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly AverageAnnual Average

Cheapest Full-Coverage Car Insurance in Arlington, Texas

Arlington car insurance policies that cover everything can get pricey. Liability insurance, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage are all parts of full coverage. They protect your car from loss in a number of situations. Nationwide has the cheapest complete coverage plans, with rates as low as $152 a month or $1,819 a year.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly AverageAnnual Average

By getting auto insurance, you can protect your car from damage caused by car crashes, bad weather, theft, or crime. You can also get coverage for people who drive without insurance, which is called “uninsured motorist coverage.”

Arlington Car Insurance Cost by Age

Teenage drivers have to pay more for car insurance because they are more likely to get into crashes or break traffic rules. The amount 16-year-olds pay for car insurance in Arlington is about $275 a month, or $3,295 a year.

When someone hits their 20s, the cost of their car insurance starts to drop and keeps going down. Here are some examples of how much car insurance in Arlington should cost, at the very least, for people of different ages.

Driver AgeAverage MonthlyAverage Annual

Cheapest Car Insurance in Arlington, Texas: Teen Drivers

It’s pricey for kids to get car insurance, but some companies are cheaper than others. We found that Nationwide has the best car insurance for teen drivers. Their base coverage costs as little as $263 a month or $3,156 a year. Teenagers in Arlington can also get low-cost insurance from Progressive and Allstate.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual Rate

Arlington Car Insurance Cost by Driving Record

Your car insurance rates will probably go up if you’ve gotten hit for speeding, been in an accident, or been arrested for DUI. On average, your rates will go up by 18% if you speed, 71% if you cause an accident, and 57% if you get a DUI.

Different car insurance companies raise rates in different ways, but we found that Allstate is the best if you have moving complaints on your record. Rates for drivers with a speeding ticket, crash, or DUI on their record are shown below by the company.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual Rate

Cheapest Car Insurance in Arlington, Texas: Speeding Ticket

Our research shows that drivers with a speeding ticket can get the cheapest car insurance from Allstate. Rates start at $56 a month or $670 a year. With an average monthly rate of $56, the Texas Farm Bureau is right behind them. Nationwide and Progressive round out the top two options for cheap Arlington speeding ticket car insurance.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual Rate

Cheapest Car Insurance in Arlington, Texas: At-Fault Accident

If you were found to be at blame in an accident, your insurance rates may go up a lot more than if you got a speeding ticket. Rates from Allstate and Progressive are the lowest in this area, at about $105 per month, respectively. You can see that after a crash, some car insurance companies charge a lot more for coverage.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual Rate

Arlington Car Insurance Cost by ZIP Code

In different parts of the city, the number of car insurance cases is very different, which affects how much insurance costs on average. In Arlington, some ZIP codes can be up to 4% less expensive or up to 2% more expensive than the city average.

ZIP CodeAverage Monthly RateAverage Annual RateChange FromArlington Average

Final Thoughts

Finding the right car insurance coverage at a price you can afford is essential if you want to drive safely in Arlington, Texas. People in Arlington can get the cheapest car insurance rates without giving up the coverage they need by learning about the factors that affect insurance rates, using money-saving tips, and looking at choices from reliable companies. Make sure you are well protected on the roads of Arlington by taking the time to compare prices, look into discounts that may be available, and make well-informed choices.