If you live in Texas and own a car, you probably know how important it is to have car insurance. Not only is it the law, but it’s also a vital cash safety net. However, finding cheap car insurance in the Lone Star State can be challenging. We’ve put together a complete guide on the best affordable car insurance options in Texas to help you through the process. We’ll talk about different aspects, like the cheapest car insurance companies for basic coverage, full coverage, drivers with a history of accidents, young drivers, rates by city, and available savings.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by City in Texas

In Texas, car insurance rates can be very different from one place to the next. Because of things like more crashes and backed-up traffic, rates tend to be higher in cities. Here are some Texas places where insurance rates are different:

  • Houston: Houston is one of the cities in Texas with the highest average annual premiums for auto insurance. People in this area often choose Allstate or Progressive.
  • Austin: Rates are cheaper in Austin than in Houston, but insurance can still be pricey. Think about Nationwide as possible sources.
  • San Antonio: The cost of insurance is about average in San Antonio. You should look into insurance companies like Allstate Insurance.
  • Dallas: Dallas is well-known for having exceptionally high insurance rates. Company names like Progressive and Allstate may offer affordable rates.
  • El Paso: Insurance deals in El Paso tend to be less expensive. Consider looking into Progressive.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Texas for Minimum Coverage

Texas demands drivers to have at least 30/60/25 coverage, which means they are responsible for $30,000 in bodily injury per person, $60,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage. These are some of the least expensive texas auto insurance companies for your car available at Insurance brokerage of Texas for the bare minimum:

1. Allstate

Allstate is a well-known insurance company in Texas that offers reasonable prices for the minimum coverage level. They give customers personalized service and a number of discount choices.

2. Dairyland

Dairyland is known for having low rates and specializing in non-standard car insurance. If you need a better driving record, Dairyland might be a good choice for you.

3. Lemonade

Lemonade is a digital-first insurance business that offers choices for low-cost minimum coverage. It’s easy to get a price and buy insurance through their simple online platform.

4. Nationwide

Another well-known name in insurance is Nationwide. They have low prices and a variety of coverage choices, such as primary coverage.

5. Progressive

Progressive is known for coming up with new ways to offer car insurance. They usually have reasonable prices for the basic coverage and give savings to drivers who are good on the road.

Cheap Car Insurance in Texas for Full Coverage

Liability, comprehensive, and accident coverage are all standard parts of full coverage car insurance. The security it gives your car is better all around. In Texas, these are some of the least expensive ways to get full coverage:

1. Assurant

Assurant gives a wide range of coverage choices at reasonable prices. Their online tool is easy to use and lets you make changes to your insurance.

2. Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance is known for offering complete coverage plans at low prices. They’re well known in Texas and give customers a number of savings.

3. The Hartford

The Hartford is a well-known insurance company that offers very reasonable prices for full coverage. In Texas, they have an extensive network of agents who can help you pick the right insurance.

4. Travelers

Travellers Insurance is a well-known business that charges fair prices for full coverage. They offer different types of security to meet your wants.

5. Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers full coverage insurance with choices that can be changed to fit your needs. They give savings for safe driving and buying more than one insurance at once.

Cheap Car Insurance in Texas for Drivers with Prior Incidents

If you have been in accidents or broken traffic laws in the past, your insurance rates may go up. However, some companies focus on giving low-cost choices to drivers who are more likely to cause an accident. For people who have been in accidents before, here are some options:

1. Dairyland

As we already said, Dairyland is known for working with unusual and dangerous drivers. They have reasonable rates, even if you have had problems in the past.

2. Progressive

The Name of Progressive Even if you have a bad driving record, the Price tool can help you find insurance that fits your budget.

3. Lemonade

Lemonade’s digital tool looks at your risk on an individual level, which can help high-risk drivers get better rates.

4. Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost specializes in getting insurance for drivers who are hard to get, like those who have had accidents in the past. They offer a range of service choices.

5. Nationwide

The SmartRide program from Nationwide awards safe driving. This can help high-risk drivers lower their rates over time.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Texas

High insurance rates are standard for young drivers, especially teens because they don’t have much experience. Young drivers in Texas can do any of these things:

1. Allstate

Allstate has reasonable rates for young drivers and gives savings to promising students.

2. Nationwide

Teen driver rates from Nationwide can help young drivers save money on their insurance.

3. Progressive

The Snapshot program from Progressive lets young drivers show that they are safe drivers and could get their rates lowered.

4. Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual has a number of deals that can be very helpful for young drivers.

5. Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

Hagerty is an expert at offering cheap coverage for classic and antique cars, and they can help you if you are a young driver with one.

Car insurance discounts in Texas

There may be an easy way to save a lot of money on Texas car insurance: get deals. Many insurance companies offer discounts, but not all drivers will be able to get them. Ask your insurance agent about these usual savings.

  • Some insurance companies offer discounts to young drivers. Some of these could be saved for good students and college students who don’t bring their own cars to school.
  • At some insurance companies, policyholders who are members of specific companies, organizations, or the military can get a discount.
  • Having no claims for a certain amount of time, usually three or more years, without filing a lawsuit will get you a discount from many insurance companies. This deal can sometimes be added to other values, like discounts for being a safe driver.
  • Using an app or a device in your car to track your driving habits in real-time is how telematics programs help you get discounts. Drivers who show they are safe or who drive a lot may get a deal.

To get the cheapest car insurance in Texas, you need to think about a number of things, such as the type of coverage you need, your driving record, your age, where you live, and any available deals. Getting quotes from several insurance companies is essential if you want to find the cheapest plan that fits your needs.